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Parenteral Feeding

I am a 64 year old lady with a history of numerous bowel operations, finally resulting in my having an Ileostomy. My symptoms started when I was in my early twenties. After numerous tests I was finally diagnosed with a rare degenerative bowel disorder which resulted in intestinal failure. Just eating a little food caused vomiting and severe pain. Having been used to eating a normal healthy diet I found this extremely traumatic.

I was introduced to an Enteral Feeding Pump, which was connected via a tube into a healthy part of the bowel; this is known as PEG Feeding. I was now able to live relatively normally, with liquid nutrition being introduced to my body via the pump and being able to drink in small quantities. This became my life line for 16 years.

For the first time I began to feel relief and a peace of mind about the future. My daughter who was with me was greatly relieved and also saw hope for the future. The nursing team had explained to me that I would be in Hospital for approximately 16 weeks for the procedure to be carried out, for me to be trained to administer my own nutrition and for the funding to be arranged for me to have Home Parenteral Nutrition. This meant I would be able to administer my nutrition into my body at home.

I learnt to administer my nutrition on one of the TPN team’s wards. I was allowed to go for walks around the hospital grounds and occasionally allowed home for a period during the day, returning to the ward in the evening for my TPN regime. I immediately began to feel stronger gaining weight and looking so much better.

A special fridge had been delivered to my home for storing bags of nutrition solution along with dressing packs and pre filled syringes, also my own battery powered pump on a trolley. Specially trained nurses would call in every day to check on me. I could now go home with the reassurance that if I had any worries the TPN team were only a phone call away.

Home TPN has given me my life back. I have to say how grateful I am to the hospital team. I now have a quality of life I never expected and look forward every day to a new found health and energy. Many thanks to you all.